A little about myself.

With over 15 years of experience in the commercial, banking and automotive industries, I excel with traditional advertising, digital design, social media, brand standard creation, and UI/UX development.

I specialize in:

Full creative campaign development and execution across multiple platforms

User interface and experience in both digital and physical environments

Forming, managing, and directing creative teams

Brand strategy development

Social media implementation across multiple platforms with a focused understanding of ROI

You can download my resume here.

personal projects

So what’s the difference between these projects and the ones in my professional portfolio? Getting an insight into the pet projects I work on reveal a lot about me. These are the things that I pour my heart and soul into when I’m not working in an office. When I’m not being a dad or a husband full-time, I’m obsessing over pixels or how a linear actuator works, or how to feasibly build a 1/8 scale race car for a toddler.

I try to limit what I obsess over but the things I choose usually take over my life (in a good way). Regardless of the end result, the aspect I enjoy the most is the thought that goes into everything; how it will fit or move or look is always the most challenging part of the journey. It starts with a crazy idea which I obsess over and build (and re-build) in my head. Then, it’s full steam ahead until I can stand back and truly be proud of the final product that’s in front of me.

Audi Plus

iPad Mac SE

Krate Supply Co.


myminime clothing

Rat-io Flyer


Subwoofer Enclosures

Wedding Program