I've always had a fondness for logos and brand identity. A logo was the first impression, that immediate visual handshake with the customer that told them everything they needed to know about the brand within the first five seconds. A great logo could be remembered forever, a bad logo could ruin a brand completely. That's a lot of power that a designer holds when you really come to think of it and it further cements why I fell in love with design in the first place; it was an opportunity to help create, build and foster a brand from the very beginning. 

Here is a small collection of various logomark designs over the years ranging from brands for two-person-backed projects to multi-national corporations. From small & delicate ideas to massive government initiatives being approved by the President of the United States himself. Not a bad gig if you can get it.


Additional Projects

GTSS AcademyProject type

Government TravelProject type

USA Today CampaignsProject type

Audi PlusProject type

myminime clothingProject type

Krate Supply Co.Project type


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© 2018 Jason Kress - Made in DC

© 2018 Jason Kress - Made in DC