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So I’m a fairly new dad. While shopping for the lil one, I noticed that every single piece of clothing either had a dinosaur, a firetruck or a sleeping bear on it. Sure they were cute but come on, this was my kid. While he may not really have had the ability to formulate what street-cred was yet, I felt it was my duty to create some gear that would set him apart from all the other kids at day care (and then sell to other hip parents of course). Teaming up with a local vendor, I set up a volume pricing deal, created an e-commerce site as well as established an entire social media platform to eventually sell to all the other envious parents out there.


Logomark for myminime clothing.

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Various witty onesie designs, silkscreened on 100% organic cotton fabric.


Mobile site design and Instagram-exclusive social presence.

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© 2018 Jason Kress - Made in DC